Fantasy Player Price Change Predictions
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Name Club Pos Status %Owned Price Chgs Delta %Tar
Keita Liverpool M I 0.1 $5.0m 0 24
Moutinho Wolves M I 1.5 $5.0m 0 513
Tomiyasu Arsenal D I 1.5 $4.5m 0 557
Marquinhos Arsenal M A 0.1 $5.0m 0 22
Gallagher Chelsea M A 1.5 $6.0m 0 747
Cédric Arsenal D A 0.3 $4.5m 0 207
Adama Wolves M I 0.1 $5.5m 0 383
Adams Southampton F A 0.6 $6.5m 0 968
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  1. Tar: Denotes the likelihood that a player's price will change overnight. Values in excess of 100, or lower that -100, indicate players that are likely to change in price. These are highlighted with red or blue borders. A player will not change its price if it is locked or has changed more than three times in a gameweek. The actual price changes are implemented typically between 2:30am and 3:00 am GMT each day.
  2. Chgs: Denotes the number of price changes so far this gameweek. A player can rise or fall by up to £0.3m in a single gameweek. A players threshold value will change (see below) when a price change occurs. In addition a percentage of the carryover transfers will be lost at the gameweek changeover for those players who have changed in value in the previous gameweek.
  3. Delta: Denotes the additional transfers required to effect a price change. This value currently should be interpreted as an indicative measure whilst wild cards are assessed and their impacts consolidated.
  4. Click on column headings to resort the data. For example clicking on "%Tar" will toggle between showing players likely to fall or rise in value.
  5. When a player is injured (0% chance of playing), suspended or on loan his price can still change in value. However, once his status has changed again his price will be "locked".
  6. When a player is "locked" i) his price will not change, ii) transfers in and out will not affect his price, and iii) his %Tar will be set to zero. To view the locked players and determine the date and time at which they will be unlocked look in the "Unlocks" column. If the date and time is in the future then the players price is current locked.
  7. A players price will change when the total number of transfers in (or out) of that player reaches a threshold value. The rate at which this threshold is reached is dependent on twelve parameters. Unfortunately to complicate matters these individual factors vary throughout the season. This season a further complication has arisen whereby not all transfers are equally effective (e.g wild cards and other factors). This programme now determinesa the probability that each transfer contributes to reaching the threshold.
  8. Any new players added to the fantasy league will not immediately increase (or decrease) in price. A player must have been in the league for over eight days before transfers count towards the threshold value. This locking period can be extended to the start of a new Gameweek if the completion of the eight days period falls within an international break. To view the date and time at which they will be unlocked look in the "Unlocks" column. If the date and time is in the future then the players price is current locked.
  9. For a player to fall in price quickly two factors are important i) teams need to be selling the player and ii) at the same time he must be 100% available (i.e. not injured). For a player to rise in value quickly i) teams need to be buying the player and ii) the player must not be "locked".